Dot Parker
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Sobre el proyecto
Dot Parker was born as a response to a national lack of valuable editorial content. We read hard texts, daily current affairs articles with a level of frivolity that makes it difficult to find any differential among the rest. Parker comes to demolish the myth that in this territory we cannot generate content of value like that of "the big leagues". We repatriate "The Porteño", that guy from the bar, from the café, from the crowded and empty streets at the same time. As a main value, homesickness. And this value will be the guiding thread of the extensive production under the Parker label, a publishing system that includes writers who generate relevant content and who are present in their content, like those tangos of yesteryear whose authors spoke of their own experiences while remembering them with guilt, love, passion, mischief, in short? Homesickness. The branding strategy aims to attract those who still believe in something more, those who love to look out of the window, those who take pleasure in the smell of wet earth, those who permanently carry with them those values that were once part of something important.
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A destacar
Dot Parker brought us everything we once thought we had lost, and it is precisely about the value of feelings, about rootedness. It fills us with expectations and we will see it online from 2021, which kills our anxiety, but at the same time we take the opportunity to measure, iterate and polish details. The interesting thing was to get involved in socio-cultural studies and in various publishing niches.
"What we did was to build a bridge between the past and the reader with a fine palate. The forms of yesteryear, but with a highly elegant and modern style".
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