Where real estate meets avant-garde.
Sobre el proyecto
Real estate being an industry that has long shunned any attempt to upgrade its image, we have to admit we were gladly surprised when we came across this project. Morandini is a real estate agency located in Buenos Aires that aims to modernize the way it communicates with its clients in order to bridge the generational gap and provide a more efficient service. Of course, as soon as we heard their proposal we eagerly seized the opportunity. The agency has among its listings many brand new apartment buildings and properties in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city, so expectations were high. Taking this into consideration, we set out to research the industry and the competition to elaborate a successful digitalization process. We broke the buyer’s journey down to analyze each of its stages, together with the difficulties people face when searching for a new home, the variables they consider when comparing potential homes and the role the agent plays in such an emotionally charged process.
We focused on architectural patterns.
Floor plans
The main feature of every property.
We fused all the above-mentioned values together.
Logo grid
It defines the design system’s structure.
A destacar
This project made us realize how complex real estate can be: selling a home is no easy task in an economically unstable country where self-interest and preconceptions are rife. We had to convey a secure and reliable image. Of course, such an image can only be built with time and dedication, but it all really begins with efficient communication and a strong identity.
“Getting a home is an emotionally charged experience for the buyer and a big challenge for the agent: after all, a home is never just a building, it stands for so much more.”
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