Main event
Exclusive content on martial arts.
Sobre el proyecto
Did we know much about martial arts? Not really, but that is exactly what Sutil stands for: we immerse ourselves in projects that pose a challenge, knowing that the biggest opportunities for growth and success lie outside our comfort zone. Main Event is the brainchild of Territorio Marcial, Argentina’s first and only website dedicated to showcasing all things martial arts. The project’s aim? To build “a Netflix of martial arts”, the go-to platform for exclusive content on the different disciplines. How cool is that?! We set out with a clear mission: conveying values like combat, production, on demand, exclusivity and technology while adding our own unique imprint. We understood that, throughout history, martial arts have always had their roots deep in culture through their presence on movies, TV channels, the significance of boxing belts… What follows is a summary of how we went about taking the world of martial arts to the next technological level.
The ideal balance between sobriety and brand concept.
Electric palettes that convey technological values.
A simple yet meaningful logo to be used in most cases as a powerful identity symbol.
Elements that reinforce its identity as a whole.
A destacar
Nostalgia is a fundamental part of how we feel and act, so we loved going back to the 80s and 90s of Van Damme, Rocky Balboa, Tyson and The Karate Kid to incorporate those cultural icons into our approach. A brand must be simple (not simplistic) and feature elements people are familiar with, bits they have learnt to know and appreciate, in order to bridge the gap between what was, what is and what will be.
“We welcome new ideas and those brave enough to undertake them, those that fight with passion to create value, those who hold onto their convictions and move forward, past the doubts, to make their vision a reality.”
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