Born to break with tradition.
Sobre el proyecto
iúnigo is a fully digital car insurance company, founded in an effort to address the industry’s stagnation and need for new technological values in a shifting socio-cultural reality. When it came to assessing the brand’s values, we realized it wasn’t a conventional project and we couldn’t simply come up with a branding strategy. Our challenge was opening people’s minds to a new way of doing things, in an industry that still hasn’t fully embraced new technologies. Even though the banking sector has had to deal with a similar challenge, its difficulties are of a different nature and can’t be used for reference. We carried out surveys, user testing and interviews with the teams in charge of the product’s development and UX. We finally joined forces and launched the brand to the public. Good marketing management has, in a very short time, made iúnigo a strong competitor, positioning it among companies that have been part of the industry for over 60 years.
Nontraditional system
We break with the structures of traditional insurance companies.
We install an isotype
Generating an identifying element.
Part of a sophisticated system.
Line illustrations
To effectively communicate closeness and sensitivity.
A destacar
We love branding, especially when it’s digital, and it was a huge pleasure delving into the initiation process. Once again, taking the time to extensively research the origins of the project has paid off. We’re delighted that today you can discover a new way to do insurance, with a new voice and a new image: “different insurance for you and your car.”
“Insurance and technology come together to breathe new life into the industry. There’s nothing more rewarding than the journey of asking, exploring and learning along the way to create beauty.”
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