Born to break with the traditional ways
Sobre el proyecto
Iúnigo is a 100% digital car insurance company. It was born in response to the needs and stillness of the industry regarding new values in technology and, above all, due to socio-cultural progress. When we analysed the brand values, we realised that we were not talking about a conventional project, where a branding strategy is put together and carried out. We were faced with the challenge of having to open the mind of a culture that, even though it is digital, may not be digital in this type of environment. Although banks, for example, came with this impulse, they did not serve as a reference for us, given that the problems they face are completely different. So we started to work with different surveys, user testing, interviews with the company's teams that were already working with the development and UX of the product. Then we joined forces and together we launched the brand to the public, in a short time and with good marketing management, iúnigo is positioning itself as a direct competitor among the brands that have been in the business for more than 60 years.
Non-traditional system
We break with the structures of traditional insurance
We install an isotype
To generate an identifying element.
As part of a sophisticated system.
Line illustrations
They express sensitivity and closeness to people.
A destacar
We love branding and especially digital projects, it was a pleasure to take on the initiation process, as it is definitely the key leg. Once again, an exhaustive research at the origin of a project is what gives us the best results in the long run. We are pleased that today, you know a new alternative, a new voice and a new image, that of "a different insurance for you and your car".
"To generate a change in a traditional field, to break with the established, to disrupt. The gratification of learning along the way, of listening, of investigating, of making it beautiful".
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