We are all influencers.
Sobre el proyecto
We all know the digital revolution has made social media the ideal platform to promote not only content, products and services, but also ourselves. What is not so clear is how to adequately manage influencers, their connections and the bulk of companies and intermediaries that have emerged to handle brand relationships. The fact is that the methods currently used are overly complicated, waste a lot of time and have no clear profit metrics in place: in other words, there’s no easy way for me to assess how my investment on an influencer has affected my product’s performance. iampubli has come up with the ultimate solution: anyone can earn money by simply tagging and endorsing their favorite clothing brand, cafe or restaurant. Yes, it’s really that simple: keep doing what you love doing, and get paid for it.
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‘Recording in progress’ as its main identity trait.
Web & App
We created a beautiful experience for the user.
A complex system that cannot go unnoticed.
UI development
The difference is in the detail.
A destacar
This project forced us to rack our brains to answer these two questions: how can small business owners and entrepreneurs diversify their products or services without the need for large investments? And how can large entities (through their CMs) find a wide variety of interesting profiles in one app without having to invest time and effort in an Instagram search?
“Creating a whole identity system to change the paradigm of advertising is as great as it is rewarding. We are all about disruptive ideas.”
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