Hacienda Coffe & Co
Always have coffee as an excuse.
Sobre el proyecto
At Sutil we love coffee. Not just any coffee. Good speciality coffee; the kind of drink that connects you to its source through its flavors and aromas. That is why we jumped with excitement at the prospect of working with Hacienda the best speciality coffee shop in Palermo, Buenos Aires. They were aware that knowing you’re at the top of the game is simply not enough, you have to let everyone else know it too. Aside from their good online exposure and the support of their regulars, the truth is their communication just wasn’t cohesive enough and they were struggling to get a strong brand voice across. We came in and, knowing there were other coffee shops in the area claiming to offer a product of similar quality, developed a long-term strategy that would set their business apart from the competition. What follows is how we tackled this challenge head-on: quality pictures, art direction, logical design and, above all, a sturdy, long-lasting strategy that conveys their distinct and authentic identity.
A joyous greeting as you come in
We share our ethos straight away.
A world in every order
Each customer gets a card that peeks into the coffee world.
Quality pictures
To show what each drink is made of.
Covid-19 strategy
Designing in response to the pandemic.
A destacar
The world of gastronomy is an art, or at least that’s how we see it. That is the reason why we adopted a meticulous approach to every step of this journey, making sure that each detail was cared for so that the overall result would accentuate the values that distinguish the brand. Today, Hacienda is not only one of the most popular coffee shops in Palermo, but it’s also renowned for the quality of its products, its service and how its unique voice comes through in every aspect of the business.
“Even though our challenge was crafting a strong, long-lasting image, what made it even more interesting was striving to rise above the competition and growing because of it.”
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