Pioneers in e-commerce, pioneers in fashion.
Sobre el proyecto
Glamit is an integrated e-commerce agency founded in 2011 with the goal of improving the overall experience of online clothes shopping, Today, 90% of its clients belong to the fashion world, but its successful journey has not been free of challenges: striving to lead change and make an impact, the company realized that blending into the industry would also require an effort to strengthen and boost its image as an e-commerce tech enterprise. To attract new clients, Glamit focused on what sets it apart: its integrated management, 360 approach, meaning that Glamit takes care of pretty much everything their clients need: development, marketing and social media, logistics and customer service. Let’s look at some of their featured brands, all of them popular in Argentine shopping malls, to better understand the extent of their impact.
Previous logo
This is what Glamit used to look like.
Our solution
A sleek logo for an innovative project.
Corporate video
A peek into how this young, talented team works.
Success story
Levi’s, one of its many success stories.
A destacar
We had worked with fashion brands in the past, so this project suited us perfectly. But as we always say: each process is a new chance to learn, and this one wasn’t an exception. Our major challenge lay in capturing the technological quality and all-encompassing approach that make Glamit stand out. Today, Glamit is an indisputable industry leader; a company that dared to be different, set a high standard and raised the expectations of everyone in the fashion world.
“As their slogan says: brands that sell. That is what Glamit, Argentina’s biggest online fashion company, has achieved for each and every one of their partners.”
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