Pioneers in e-commerce, pioneers in fashion.
Sobre el proyecto
Glamit is an integrated e-commerce agency, 90% of whose clients are in the fashion industry. The company was founded more than 8 years ago with the intention of improving the online shopping experience for clothing, as at that time there was nothing similar. Over the years Glamit realised that it was achieving that change, but that it was imitating the industry, which is not bad, but it should have prevailed its image as a technology company in e-commerce to also attract other types of customers and cover the aspect of "integrated management" referring to the fact that Glamit solves the entire 360 of each of its customers, in other words: development, marketing, social media, logistics and call centre. Let's take a look at some outstanding brands, which we can see regularly in all the shopping malls, so that you can see the importance of this.
Previous logo
This is what Glamit looked like before...
A logo that immediately refers us to e-commerce.
Corporate video
This is how all these talented people work.
Success story
Levi's as one of many success stories.
A destacar
At Sutil we have worked for many years with fashion brands, so this project was a suit that we were very comfortable with. But as we always like to say, we learn from the processes and in this case our biggest challenge was to represent the technological quality and the integral proposal that elevates Glamit above the rest of the companies that try to do something similar. Today Glamit is recognised across the country as a pioneer in online shopping and their services are the best for each brand to sell even more.
"Brands that sell, as their slogan announces, is how each and every brand that works with Glamit is perceived today".
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