Argentina’s first and only online fashion market.
Sobre el proyecto
We live in a society that loves going for walks and dressing well. Put those things together and you get DRESSIT, a project by Grupo La Nación that embodies everything we want and expect from online fashion. Among its main features is the possibility of filling up our shopping cart with a wide variety of brands, including some of the most iconic brands in the region. It also runs its own campaigns and fashion productions, offering its users relevant information on what’s coming, how to mix and match different looks and styles or the latest “street style” trends, as well recommendations by influencers and tips on reading and comparing size charts. If there’s any problem with your purchase, you can either exchange it online or bring it over to the brand’s nearest store. Dressit’s online shopping experience is made possible by Glamit’s e-commerce management solutions, providing efficient logistics and personalized customer service.
Logo in context
Sober tones to heighten its aesthetic appeal.
Transitions taken from our website.
Print presentation
Part of the autumn/winter 2019 season.
Prioritizing usability and a clear product overview.
A destacar
If you’ve been following us, you know we can’t get enough of the fashion world, it being a pillar of our operations. That is why we get really excited every time we get the chance to have an impact on the industry. Picture the thrill of meeting your first love, mixed with the tingle of anticipation you would experience before an exam, always knowing that the whole process will be nothing but rewarding.
“Using branding to make an impact is an incredible thing, but using it to translate a whole physical experience into the digital landscape… that is transcendent. And what a wonderful feeling to have been part of it.”
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