Dot Parker
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Sobre el proyecto
Dot Parker was born as a response to the lack of valuable editorial content at a national level. We’re used to reading hard texts and current affairs articles written with such frivolity that it’s hard to find any difference among them. Parker bursts into the picture to dispel the myth that there’s no way to create valuable content outside of the “big leagues”. It repatriates the porteño, that individual who’s at home at any of the city’s bars and cafés, a figure that knows its streets, both crowded and empty at the same time, like the back of his hand. Homesickness is the central thread underlying Parker’s extensive production. An editorial effort that involves writers with something to say, writers that inhabit their work, like those old tangos that sing of past experiences with remorse, with love, with passion… in other words, nostalgia. Our branding strategy aims to reach those that still believe in something beyond, those that wistfully look out the window or are enamored by the smell of wet earth, those lucky ones who still carry with them values that were once important and should never fade away.
Dot Parker World
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Sensual, elegant and subtle.
Digital pieces
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The colors, fonts and uses of a stylish editorial brand.
A destacar
Dot Parker is all bout bringing back what we thought was lost, focusing on the feelings and values we hold dear. With the website launching in 2021, we’re full of excitement for what’s to come. In the meantime, we’ll continue polishing up every detail to provide a flawless end product. The project has been a great opportunity to look into sociocultural studies and various publishing niches.
“Building a bridge between the past and today’s sophisticated reader. A magazine that embraces the ways of yesterday with an elegant and modern style.”
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