All the cars in the country in one place.
Sobre el proyecto
We are currently developing this incredible project: an online marketplace that will allow users to find any car published anywhere. If you are interested in buying a car in Argentina, then you know how cumbersome the process can be; you check Mercado Libre, Demotores, Deautos, OLX, Facebook Marketplace, and by the end of it you have dozens of open tabs and still no clear answer. Brinco aims to upgrade the experience by integrating every online car marketplace on its platform and offering a straightforward way of comparing two or more cars, including hard data like their production year, model and depreciation (the rate at which the car loses or gains value over time). Our challenge was understanding how people search for cars online, what are the factors that influence their decision making, the method of accurate car valuation and other variables that are central to the process. We crafted a design and branding strategy that not only considers the complexities of the automotive universe, but also succeeds in educating the user.
Like any good user experience: simple and enticing.
Compare cars in real time
Waste no more time, focus on what really matters.
Home desktop
The integrated solution you’ve been waiting for.
Bricobot, your guide
A bot that helps you find exactly what you want.
A destacar
Brincocar allowed us to delve deep into the buyer’s journey and analyze the different stages users go through when choosing their next car. We found out that, regardless of their knowledge in the field, each user studies the available options thoroughly and conscientiously. After all, buying a new car is not just an upgrade: it’s a sign of social status that can, in time, become a profitable investment.
“Thinking about a Google for cars may seem distant or far-fetched, but it’s a reality that we at Sutil helped create, crafting 360 communication strategies to ensure their product always looks its best.”
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